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Freshman Do's and Don'ts

By Megan Walsh, Staff Writer

Thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook and the constant stream of statuses whining about the opposite sex, it has become apparent that everyone could use relationship advice. So without running the risk of turning this into a health class or a Facemash column, I want to tell you who not to get involved with and how you should go about not falling for them.

A lot of people have this problem when starting college. They go to college single and looking for: A) Some amazing person who loves their every move, B) Someone who just wants to have a good time with them, or C) Get what you want and get out.  While all of these may apply to some people at some time, the goal is to not lose yourself in the process.

The problem with this is that people who really just want a casual night of fun will eventually meet someone who wants a serious relationship. The result will ultimately be that the person who wants a relationship becomes bitter and lonely, while the person who just wanted a one night stand will become temporarily ticked off that their night was wasted trying to impress someone who clearly doesn't want to have sex with them. In fact, put any combination of freshman prospects together. A, B, or C, if people aren't looking for the same type of relationship as the person they're going for, it probably won't work out.  

 So how do we keep out of these sticky situations?  We make ourselves as clear as possible to the person we're with. If the person you're with doesn't feel the same way, don't waste your time trying to change their mind. Just move on! But we need to be careful that we never assume the person we meet at a party, in our dorms, or during a three hour lecture, is necessarily looking for the same thing as us. Just as the saying goes, we know that assuming "makes an ass out of you and me," so don't assume or waste your time trying to change someone's mind, but do clarify. Finally, remember you don't have to have a "thing" with the person to be friends, so don't be afraid to ask to just be friends. If nothing else, maybe you'll have gained a best friend in the end.  


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