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Alum Spotlight

By By Max Sass, Editor-in-Chief

Chris Maguire didn't know it at the time, but it would all come full circle for him.

It was 2003; he was a freshman at Hofstra and was living in the Netherlands, Rotterdam House to be exact. He remembers listening to Songs About Jane, Maroon 5's debut album from a year earlier.

Now, Maguire is out in Los Angeles, California, working for Career Artist Management as an Assistant Day-to-Day Manager for Maroon 5, among other artists.

He says 95 percent of his time is devoted to Maroon 5, the famous music group fronted my Adam Levine, but he does spend some time working with the company's other clients, including Sara Bareilles, Barenaked Ladies and Eve 6.

Maguire's journey to the job he has now was not without its speed bumps. After graduating in 2008 with a degree in Film Studies and Production, Maguire packed up his belongings, sold his truck and boldly moved to California.

"I always knew in college that I wanted to move to California after graduation," Maguire said. "I moved here for film. I ultimately wanted to be a film producer with a studio."

It took eight months before he found a job, but finally through a connection Maguire got on as a Production Assistant for the movie Burlesque, starring Cher and Christina Aguilera.

The next step for Maguire was to an agency and he got a job working for Paradigm in its production department.

That lasted only two and a half months, when Maguire tired of it and quit. He called it the stupidest decision he's made.

That left him once again unemployed in July of 2010.

A month and a half passed and the bills on his new beachfront home became more difficult to keep up with and moving back home, to St. Augustine, Florida, became a reality.

Luckily for Maguire, a former colleague at Paradigm referred him to Career Artist Management, a music agency, at the end of August.

"It's not film," Maguire said, "but I've always enjoyed music almost as much as I've enjoyed film. So let's take a shot."

As part of a five-person team, Maguire helps make sure all aspects of Maroon 5's day to day life is taken care of. His responsibilities include occasionally going on tour with the band to making sure the members are awake and on time for their flights.

But Maguire's path was not even clear back at his time at Hofstra. He came in as a broadcast journalism major, but soon grew weary of that.

"I was sitting in a journalism class my sophomore year after my internship at PGA Tour Productions," said Maguire, "and I literally got up, said thank you to my professor and I walked over to Memorial and changed my major right away."

Maguire was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and president of the IFC.

"I was more involved with Greek life than I was in my studies, to be honest," he said.

Two professors did leave a lasting impression with Maguire: Bill Jennings and Phil Katzman. Jennings was a professor who had been in California and according to Maguire, "[Jennings] knew what the industry was like out here and how brutal it was out here."

Katzman remembered Maguire and was not surprised he moved out to California.

"The one thing that I think was outstanding about Chris," Katzman said, "was that he was a hustler, and I don't mean that in a negative sense, I mean that in a positive sense. He was always looking for the next big thing."

As rocky as the road has been in Maguire's past, the future is still undetermined as well.

"Will I stay in music? Will I go film?" Maguire said, "Who knows?"

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