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A Broad, Abroad:

By Michaela Papa, Columnist


Word on the street is that the finale of TRL is going to be held in Florence, Italy. As last weekend Jersey Shore was in Italy (which still doesn't make sense to me) I've about had my fill of bottom-of-the-barrel American pop-culture, but TRL news intrigued me.

When applying to study abroad spring semester, I thought about all the things at Hofstra that I would miss. Springtime at Hofstra always seems like the best time filled with the best memories. I look fondly back on the first day everybody emerges from their winter hibernation; people stop wearing hats and stop crying on a twice-daily basis. Few things are more depressing than winter in Hempstead.

Besides the increasingly nice weather, afternoons spent on the fields and spring additions to the salad bars, I also realized I would miss events such as Music Fest. Though I'm not a die-hard fan of Ghost Face Killah, I will admit that last year I greatly enjoyed myself as I pumped my handmade W in the air. The lineup for Hofstra's 2011 Music Fest is yet to be announced; though I anticipate that it will be a fun event regardless the musicians. I think everybody effectively managed to have fun when the ShaNaNa were playing, so I have minimal doubts that Music Fest will be a success regardless the lineup.

As I obviously am not attending Music Fest, I was excited to see that I may have my own Italian version of Music Fest right here in Florence. The final episode of TRL is said to take place in Piazza Santa Croce, the same piazza where the Chocolate Festival was held. (For obvious reasons, I already hold this location in high esteem.) Supposedly, this is the location of the free finale of TRL with potential music guests such as Eminem, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Muse, Shakira. Elisa, Jovanotti, Modà, Negramaro.

Now, I use such incredulous words, because you would think this would be a bigger deal. Italians love American music. I actually hear more American pop songs here than I do when I'm actually in the United States. The Italians couldn't be larger fans of Bruno Mars and Katy Perry. Frankly, I find it leaning more toward funny than bizarre, and slightly disturbing. Few things put a smile on my face faster than hearing the lady making my panino sing the classic hit "Because I Got High." Oh, America, how I miss you.

In order to validate these rumors I keep asking people what they have heard about TRL. After I realize I let an acronym barely known in the Hofstra community slip, I quickly correct myself and continue inquiring. Most people have only hearsay, though it all seems to match up. April 20th, 2011 TRL will hold their finale in Santa Croce at 20:30. Whether or not this is true, I look forward to find out.  Seeing Lady Gaga perform for free may make up for missing Midnight Breakfast at Hofstra. 

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