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WTF? MTV's new reality show: 'Jersey Shore'

By Ryan Broderick, Editor-at-Large

A lot of people are mad about MTV's "Jersey Shore". Italian people and people from New Jersey are apparently pretty mad about the fact MTV's house full of guidos are making them look stupid.

Of course, if you think about it, they wouldn't look that stupid if those people didn't actually exist. And they do exist. I'm pretty sure a couple of the dudes from the "Jersey Shore" house go here.

So what about the actual show? How does it compare to all the hype? Well, the show is absolutely terrible. It's horrible and depressing when you think about the fact these are real people who actually think that way, and dress that way, and talk that way.

But at the same time, MTV has learned the magic formula for making TV people want to watch. You give a bunch of Italian a**holes a ton of alcohol and let them have sex with each other.

What's really great is that the people on the show think that what they are and who they try to be in public is something to be proud of. What's also really great is that the people they interact with outside of the cast are just as horrible, tacky, orange, slutty, drunken, and retarded as they are.

It's actually a far more terrifying statement on the utter horror of New Jersey than I think the producers were expecting. They clearly picked a cast that was supposed to make everyone they encounter totally pissed off. The funny thing is, so far the most embarrassing moments have been from people brought to the house.

One woman took all her clothes off in the Jacuzzi, a dude threw up all over their deck, some big guido tried to pick up one of the girls at the bar with the pick-up line "hey, wan-na go-ah some whey-ah mor-ah pry-vat?"

So perhaps the controversy about "Jersey Shore" isn't so much what the cast members say about Italian people or people from New Jersey. Perhaps everyone's so mad about "Jersey Shore" because it makes everyone else look like way bigger retards.

Sammy, Mike, and Ronny from MTV’s new hit reality show, “Jersey Shore.” (Photo Courtesy of

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