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Public Safety Briefs

By Jessica Lewis, News Editor

A search was conducted for a bike that was reported missing on Sept. 22. A student left his bike at Davidson Hall on Sept 21 and discovered it missing the next afternoon.


A bong, a marijuana grinder, and an air purifier were all confiscated from a room in Stuyvesant Hall on Sept. 23. An RA on duty smelled the odor of marijuana and reported this to public safety that then keyed into the room. The resident of the room was given a summons.


The mirror in the men's bathroom located in the Student Center near the theatre was found smashed and a sink vandalized. Public Safety observed this on Sept. 23, and conducted a search with no results.


Two people were found trespassing on the stage in the intramural field that was set up for "Live at 75." Public Safety apprehended the two males and banned non-student, Milo Rodenhouse.


Haley Cohen and Lawrence Hershel Pious were banned from campus on Sept. 25 after they attempted to get onto campus by way of the Oak Street security gate.


Two students were apprehended by Public Safety on Sept. 25 when they were seen sliding on the carnival slide that was set up on the intramural field for "Live at 75."


Robert Kelly was banned from campus on Sept. 25. Kelly was witnessed inappropriately touching a young child at the concert. Public Safety responded to these reports and apprehended the individual and took him to the HIC. NCPD responded, an investigation was conducted, and he was charged with endangering the welfare of a child.


A student attempted to walk onto campus at the security booth to North campus on Sept. 25. A PSO approached the student, but the student attempted to punch the PSO in the face. An altercation erupted, and the student was eventually subdued and taken to the HIC. The PSO suffered injuries to his fingers and knee's. NCPD responded and an investigation into this matter is being conducted.


A student requested that her ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Buckson, be banned from campus on Sept. 26. The student said that he is harassing her, and a police report has already been filed against him for harassment in Suffolk County.


Christopher Cockburn was banned from campus on Sept. 26 for public lewdness. Cockburn was seen leaning against a car in the parking lot near the Student Center with his pants unzipped and his hands fondling himself by a student and her parents. One of the visitors confronted the male and exchanged words with him before he started walking away into the Student Center. The visitor followed him, and reported the incident to Public Safety. Cockburn was then taken to the HIC and banned.

(Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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