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Nassau next in line for renovations; theme housing

By David Gordon, News Editor

The Office of Residential Programs will begin offering the opportunity for organizations, clubs or groups of people to live together beginning in the 2010-2011 academic year.

"We're really trying to offer the students things that we heard that students really want," said Michael D. Arno, Assistant Director of Residential Programs.

The idea of "theme housing" is based on the living-learning communities provided for upper class students, which, in itself, was based on the freshman Living-Learning communities.

"Two years ago, we moved the first year program to the upper class level," Arno said, noting that students enjoyed living with people who shared the same interests. "If you're part of ski and snowboard club and you really want to grow that program, you can live together."
Nassau Hall, the site of the current Living-Learning Communities, is being used for theme housing, as the building is the next in line for refurbishments.

Enhancements in lighting will be made, the rooms will be painted, hallway carpeting will be replaced, new furniture will be brought in, the five-person suites will be converted into four-person suites and the end of hallway six-person suites will be converted into floor lounges.

One member of a group that wishes to live together must serve as representative and fill out the application for housing (available in the Office of Residential Programs). As part of the application, the group must include statements of purpose, goals and participants.
Students who live on the fourth, fifth and sixth floors, if they are displaced, will have priority in the relocated students lottery.

Applications are due February 5, 2010 to the Office, located in room 244 of the Student Center.

The fourth, fifth and sixth floors of Nassau Hall will host “theme housing communities” beginning in the 2010-2011 academic year Nassau Hall will also be renovated and refurbished. (Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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