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Mayer plays diverse set to excited crowd

By Adrienne Wenner, Staff Writer

John Mayer can play the blues, undoubtedly. The nerdy guitarist within could be seen at brief moments during his February 25 show at Madison Square Garden. He played songs from his Blues Trio group to popular hits such as his "Waiting on the World to Change."  The performance was average but the set list was varied enough to satisfy the diverse crowd.

The song that stood out the most from the set list was Mayer's cover of "Crossroads." Incidentally, Eric Clapton, the original artist, had just played at the Garden along with Jeff Beck. It was extremely difficult to tell if Mayer was paying tribute to the music legend or if he was attempting to prove something. 

With all of the comments flying around currently, and his narcissistic interview with Rolling Stone a few months ago, it's easy to get the idea that Mayer really is an egomaniac. Putting all of this aside and only looking at his musical accomplishments, he is a great guitar player. However, his disgusting lovey-dovey songs are puke-worthy.

However, without these songs, Mayer wouldn't be as successful as he is today. Most of his hardcore fans are made up of teenage girls who drool at his every syllable. When observing these crazy fans at the MSG, show it's clear that they do not appreciate the blues. Rather, they daydream of Mayer writing a song like "Your Body is a Wonderland" for them.

Perhaps, Mayer should get a few tips from his opening band, Michael Franti and the Spearhead. Along with their feel-good music, they gave the crowd just what they wanted. Frontman Franti ran on the floor, and even up to the stadium seating, to serenade and get the crowd going for Mayer. He invited children up onto the stage to sing and dance. Franti knows a good performance and he certainly gave one for the audience.

Mayer lacked in energy, although, he may have thought otherwise.  Sure, he can solo ‘til dawn breaks, but no one is there to see Mayer show his skills off. Overall, the show was an average performance. Instead of concentrating on the attractive girls in the audience, Mayer should try stirring up the rest of the crowd to have fun.

John Mayer rocks out with the crowd at MSG on February 25. (Photo Coutesy of Adrienne Wenner)

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