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Dutch Treat: Rachael Rubin

By Jessica Lewis, News Editor

Rachael Rubin proved the power of social networking when she used Facebook to help jump-start her own makeup, hair and photography business.

The sophomore started a fan page on Facebook, titled "Rachael Lynsey Rubin Makeup & Photography." With over 700 fans, Rubin said that, "a lot of business has come in since the Facebook group."

"I want to somehow get into the fashion world with my make-up and photography," the business major and photography minor said. Rubin said she might even start a business with it post-graduation.

Doing make-up since she was about 16, Rubin just recently started pursuing it seriously. "Every time I got money in high school or for anything I only bought make-up at Sephora; I basically lived there," Rubin commented. Rubin does make-up for special events, bridal make-up and costume make-up.

A lot of students, family and friends have contacted Rubin about getting their make-up done for a variety of events. She can also be found at the Maximus Spa Salon in Westbury working as a freelance make-up artist.

"I do my friends' make-up all the time, they are like my models for showing people what I can do, and they love it," Rubin said. "My friends have been unbelievable…that is how I got my name out there."

Rubin also has several pictures of her make-up jobs on her Facebook fan page; many of the pictures also feature her photography. "I just started doing photography, I just got a professional camera to take pictures of my work," she said.

The most memorable make-up application was for a bride. "I work at a hair salon, as a make-up artist, and I did her [the bride's] make-up and she started to tear up after," Rubin recalled.

Also using her talents for charity, Rubin used to visit an elderly home and apply make-up on the residents.

Rubin offers student prices for those who want their make-up done, for occasions like birthdays, evenings out or dates. She also does student specials for headshots, which include make-up, hair and photography.

"Basically I just love to make women feel beautiful," Rubin said.

For those interested in getting their make-up done by Rubin, an appointment can be set up by contacting her at

Rachael Rubin does make-up on and off campus for occasions such as weddings, evenings out, and several other events. (Photo Courtesy Rachael Rubin)

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