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Death leads to bucket list

By Dara Adeeyo, Senior Editorial Editor

On Sunday Jan. 31, 2010, my beloved Grandmother passed away. She was 80 years old. Although I haven't seen her in six or so years, she had a big impact on my life. One of my fondest memories of her includes peanut butter sandwiches.

When I was 12, she stayed with my family for the whole Summer. One day in July, I came home from cheerleading camp to find her in the kitchen putting two pieces of bread that were stuffed with creamy Jif peanut butter into the toaster. I asked her what she was doing and she told me, "Don't question my actions child." She insisted I try one of her nutty creations, and sooner than later, we were eating what may have been our third toasted peanut butter sandwich each. Ever since that day, I've vowed the said sandwich as my ultimate favorite lunch treat. No jelly please, just give me the peanut butter and bread.

And since her death this past weekend, I began thinking about life. Her passing reminded me that life is precious, sometimes short and needs to be sensibly lived to the fullest. I then started to think about all the things that I wanted to do in my life and wrote them down. You know, a bucket list.

It seems like bucket lists are becoming a trend. The new show on MTV, "The Buried Life" follows four young men on a journey to complete a list of 100 things before they die. In addition, this semester's Hofstra Pulse magazine will be based on this very same idea. They'd love to read your bucket list, so if you think you have a great list of things you'd like to do before you die, email it to:!

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