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What Hofstra students crave and rave about

By Emilia Benton

There were the days of picking the best of the best for the high school yearbook superlatives-where the girl who was sure she would get "Best Looking" would win, or cry if she didn't. Now a new superlative competition has arrived and the places on and around the University campus have battled for the recognition.After speaking with 50 different students around campus and in classes, the best of the best at the University has been spoken for.

Best on-campus hangout: Many students polled listed the lounge floors of the high-rise towers, as well as friends' dorm rooms.

Best off-campus hangout: Fast-food and fast-service dining locations, such as Panera Bread and Dunkin' Donuts, proved to be the key choice among students polled.

Best on-campus study location: While many students picked the well-known location of Axinn Library, a surprising amount also selected the Law Library, located on the south side of campus on California Avenue.

Best on-campus entertainment: Sporting events, as well as club activities were the main ideas listed. "My top choice for an on-campus hangout is the Game Room," said sophomore Nick Cano, a physician assistant studies/psychology dual major.

Best off-campus entertainment: Popular choices included nearby clubs, mainly Mirage in Westbury and Witch's Brew coffee house in West Hempstead. Sophomore Cat Thoreson, a public relations major, had a unique individual choice. "My choice for best off-campus entertainment is Tin Alleys, a karaoke bar/restaurant located down the Hempstead Turnpike [on Stewart Ave. in Garden City]. It's synonymous with a good time, or a good laugh, if nothing else."With Manhattan being so accessible by taking the Blue Beetle to the train station, some students enjoyed this aspect of off-campus entertainment. "My favorite way to find off-campus entertainment is being able to get away from campus life by going in to the city," said sophomore Christina Makrakis, a fine arts major.

Best off-campus shopping: While Roosevelt Field Mall, located in Garden City, proved to be the top choice among students. Manhattan was also a popular choice.

Best perks of living on campus/commuting: Most students polled seemed happy with whatever living option he or she currently utilizes. Commuters like the fact that they don't have to be on campus more than they absolutely have to, whereas residents love the aspect of having friends around all the time, relatively short walks to classes/activities, as well as the essence of independence. "In addition to the short walks to athletic practices, I really enjoy the atmosphere of campus life," said freshman Michele DePasquale.

Best coffee on campus: The two cafes that regularly include increasing lines, Burlaps and the recently added Kobrick's, proved to be the most popular choices among students. They are located in the Student Center and in Axinn Library, respectively.

Best breakfast on campus: The majority of students polled selected the omelet station in the Student Center Café. "My favorite place to get breakfast is the egg/omelet station in the Student Center Cafe," said freshman Carolin Arno.

Best dinner/lunch on campus: Located on the north end of campus, Kate and Willy's (the University's only sit-down restaurant style dining location), was the most popular dinner choice listed by students polled. The south campus location of Bits and Bytes, which features Panini sandwiches and made-to-order salads, was the most popular listing for lunches among students. "Nothing else can compete with the salads at Bits and Bytes," said Thoreson.

Best desserts on campus: While Bits and Bytes has certainly proven to be drawing more students this year, its dessert specials in particular are one explanation why. "My favorite campus desserts are the cupcakes at Bits and Bytes'," said sophomore Kim Saltmarsh, a Broadcast Journalism major. Another new and popular dessert special at Bits and Bytes are their flavored Belgian waffle ice cream sundaes.

Best off-campus dining locations (fast-food and otherwise): While students polled listed a variety of locations, the majority listed Panera Bread, located in Garden City across from Roosevelt Field Mall. Other popular favorites were well-known restaurants such as the Cheesecake Factory and Olive Garden, located in Westbury's Source Mall, and Houston's in Roosevelt Field. "I like Houston's because it provides an elegant atmosphere with excellent food at reasonable prices," said sophomore Lauren Brookmeyer, a broadcast journalism major.

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