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Men's basketball primed for successful CAA Tournament

The Hofstra men’s basketball team had a season for the ages, filled with a 16-game winning streak, a place in the top scoring offenses in the country at No. 8 and a finale for one of the program’s all-time great players. The journey has been unforgettable thus far, but most importantly, it is unfinished. The Pride is determined to make sure that this is their year to do what players and coaches have dreamed of since the start of their careers.

Coburn taking advantage of new opportunities at Hofstra

Basketball may not be the first thing you think of when someone mentions New York City. However, each bounce of a basketball drives the pulse of a city, with streetball courts all around. NBA players and streetball legends go to Rucker Park to create memories that last a lifetime. Being surrounded by this much basketball would be enough to sink its hooks into any kid growing up in the city.

Men’s basketball is making history, one win at a time

The energy is palpable. The feeling is indescribable. The potential is endless.

The 2018-19 Hofstra men’s basketball team is one for the ages. The Pride have made headlines across the country, emerging as one of the greatest storylines the sport has seen this season thanks to a historic 16-game winning streak. With each victory, dreams skyrocket for a team, fan base and community that have craved success for decades.