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Senior Send-Off: Potter's last pitch

Senior Send-Off: Potter's last pitch

I’ve come a long way. From the scrawny and quiet freshman walking onto the baseball team just trying to prove my worth, to the tired, yet extrovertly eager senior ready to begin the journey as a broadcaster in North Carolina, much has happened in between.

When I was dismissed from the Hofstra baseball program, I was devastated. Baseball was my first love, and it grew to become my life’s passion at a relatively young age. As the only thing I really knew and cared for, I had to stay close to the game.

Already a staff writer for The Hofstra Chronicle, I was convinced by Anders Jorstad, a close friend, to interview for the assistant sports editor position opening at the end of the fall 2015 semester. Nervous, I decided to break out of my shell and interview for the spot. A few days later, I received word that I was selected as the new assistant. Smiling from ear to ear, I was ready to open a new chapter of my life.

As editor, I wrote dozens of baseball recaps and feature articles. I maintained my vision of keeping close to the game I held so near and dear to my heart. But it was at The Chronicle that I began to care for other sports, along with many more experiences and memories.

It was at The Hofstra Chronicle that I honed in on my leadership and creative skills. I strongly believe that translated exponentially well over to broadcasting. My confidence sky-rocketed, and I was happy with where my life was headed. And now, I leave immediately after graduation with a job in broadcasting and media relations for a baseball team. This all started in the little, crammed-in-the-corner office in the Student Center that nobody can find.

It was at The Hofstra Chronicle where I made some of the best friends one could ask for, including some taking a second role as a mentor. 

I worked week after week for two and a half years with my fellow sports editor, Kevin Carroll. Bringing the office to life on layout nights every Monday with our extremely diverse music playlist, I believe Kevin and I brought an energy to The Chronicle that changed the environment of where we operated tirelessly to a more fun and productive workplace. 

I also believe we brought respect back to the sports section of The Chronicle with in-depth player features, good relations with Hofstra Athletics and some witty back cover pages. Kevin, thank you for making me never regret the decision to join this organization; you’ve been a huge part of my college experience. There are very few people I have opened up to more. We’ve shared thousands of laughs and memories I’m sure I will never forget. You’re one of the most talented and detailed writers I have come across and I know you made our staff stronger because of that. 

Thank you to Kyle Kandetzki for also being a mentor as a writer. The sports editor before me, Kyle showed me how to write well and helped me find my style with other stories. 

Thank you to the Hofstra Sports Information Directors: Len Skoros, Jim Sheehan, Amanda Ghysel, Stephen Gorchov and Brian Bohl for being the sturdy bridge between us and the players and coaches. The opportunities you all allow have helped us pave the way to having better content and more readers. Thank you to all of the Hofstra coaches. I cannot think of a time where interacting with any of you was not a good experience. You brought professionalism to every interview and took us seriously as students trying to get into the real world as members of the media.

Now, as my time winds down as a student at Hofstra University, I look back and cannot help but continue to smile thinking about every opportunity I was given to reach my goals. From the summit, all the way down to the trenches, my time as editor for The Hofstra Chronicle is something I will always wear proudly.

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