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NFL: Division Predictions

NFL: Division Predictions

AFC East
There shouldn’t be many disagreements here. New England has owned this division ever since Tom Brady began playing for the Patriots. The same will go for this year. The Patriots are just too much for the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills to handle. They take this division again easily.

AFC North
Here’s a division that will come down to the wire. Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Cincinnati all have fighting chances at this division title. The Steelers are currently at the top; but this can change in just one game. Who knows what’s going to happen with Le’Veon Bell and his current situation? As of now, they’re still relying on James Conner who has done an exceptional job in the backfield. This year however, the North won’t be represented by Pittsburgh like it usually is. This time Baltimore will come out on top. Led by the No. 1 defense in the league, along with a veteran quarterback and head coach, this team is capable of making a deep playoff run. The Ravens will flock to the AFC North crown.

AFC South
It’s been a weak division in general here. We thought we would see Jacksonville be a super bowl contender again, but they have been very shaky and don’t look anything like they did last year. Houston on the other hand, is trending upwards. They beat the Jags in week 7 and then Miami in week 8. Despite losing their first three games, they’ve won their last five games and sit atop of the AFC South at 5-3. Led by their extremely talented quarterback in Deshaun Watson, stud wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and a stout defense, this team has the pieces to get to the playoffs and do damage there as well. Houston will come out of the AFC South.

AFC West
What a season it’s been so far for Kansas City, specifically Patrick Mahomes. They are shaky on defense but have one of the most dynamic offenses in the league. They are being challenged by the LA Chargers, but the Chiefs will still win the Wild West.

NFC East
Here’s another division that looks like it will come down to week 17. Washington currently sits at the top, but not far behind them are the Eagles and the Cowboys. The Giants... not so much. I see Dallas taking the division crown here. They have a very underappreciated defense, an outstanding run game with Ezekiel Elliott, a solid quarterback, an addition of Amari Cooper to the mix, and a good coach. Bringing in Cooper will spark their offense as they now have a No. 1 receiver as long as he stays healthy. This gives Dak help on the outside where they really need it. Dallas gets a lot of hate, but they will have the last laugh after winning the NFC East.

NFC North
All four teams here have realistic shots to win here. They all have 3+ wins and it wouldn’t be a surprise if any of them won this division; but Minnesota is the best team here. They may not have Aaron Rodgers like Green Bay does, a rising rookie running back like Detroit’s Kerryon Johnson, or even a Khalil Mack type presence on the defensive line like they do in Chicago, but the Vikings are one of (if not) the best all-around team in the league. They are great on both sides of the ball and that will take them far this year, including to a divisional title.

NFC South
Here’s another very tight race so far. As a whole, this division has a lot of offensive firepower. We’ve already seen a phenomenal shootout game between the Saints and Falcons earlier in the season that didn’t fail to amaze the fans. All in all though, I don’t see anybody stopping New Orleans. This offense is loaded behind a hall of fame quarterback, two star running backs, and an elite wide receiver in Michael Thomas. They know a thing or two about putting points on the board. Defensively, the Saints aren’t one to brag about in the passing game, but they are first in the league in rushing yards per game. A lot of people think this defense is terrible, but no one seems to notice that they are allowing only 72.3 rushing yards per game. The Saints will win this division again.

NFC West
Lastly, we have the NFC West where there isn’t that much of a race. The Rams should run away with it without a problem.

Super Bowl 53 Prediction
I still have to go with the New England Patriots winning it all. They’ll beat Minnesota in the super bowl this season. Both teams have what it takes to make it to the promise land. Brady will add his sixth ring to his loaded resume.

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