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Public Safety  Briefs

On Sept. 1, a Hofstra student reported that a Hofstra alumnus (a male that the student briefly dated beginning in July) sent her and her current boyfriend, who is also a Hofstra student, threatening text messages. The student requested that the alumnus in question be banned from her residence hall. On Sept. 4, he was banned. No further action against him has been taken and none will unless he does not comply with the ban. The student has requested further investigation into the matter, but does not wish for law enforcement involvement. 

On Sept. 6 at 2 a.m., a Hofstra student was found intoxicated at an off-campus party and was transported to Nassau University Medical Center after NCPD was notified and responded to the scene. The student was treated and released. 


NCPD – Nassau County Police Department

Hofstra Votes campaign launches podcast  to extend outreach

Hofstra Votes campaign launches podcast to extend outreach