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Students await Dunkin’ Donuts arrival on campus

Students await Dunkin’ Donuts arrival on campus

A Dunkin’ Donuts is expected to open in early March, replacing the Starbucks located at the Café on the Quad, according to Richard Maha, the resident district manager of Compass Group at Hofstra.

Some students, like Samantha Campbell a junior psychology and criminology major, are happy about the change. She said, “I have time to enjoy it; I hope it opens soon! I [also] like Dunkin’ over Starbucks.”

Sophomore journalism major Avalon Condzella said, “They better not sell the same [food] they sell at Bits.”

Director of Communications for Student Affairs Colin Sullivan said that wouldn’t be the case. Dunkin’ Donuts will have doughnuts, breakfast sandwiches and more.

Construction began on Thursday, Dec. 21 so that the space is in compliance with company rules.

“When you welcome a franchise [to a college], you have to follow the franchise‘s rules,” Sullivan said.

Dunkin’ Donuts is the most recent franchise addition to the Hofstra campus since Hofstra renewed their contract with Compass Dining this past July.

“This renovation (similar to Smashburger) is part of the development plan that is ongoing,” Sullivan said in an email.

During the Café on the Quad’s makeover, the majority of students are heading to the Starbucks located in the Sondra and David S. Mack Student Center. This means longer lines, longer wait times and more orders, all of which are adding stress to employees like Amparo Rodriguez. “[There are] more [orders]than there used to be,” Rodriguez said after helping several students.

Freshman journalism major Courtney Adema is inconvenienced by the current renovations. Like many students, Adema used Café on the Quad as more than just a place to get coffee. It also acted as a place for her to hang out, do homework, chat with a friend and more. “I felt it was a nice social space,” Adema said.

Senior business economics major Bret Francis feels bittersweet that Dunkin’ Donuts is just now coming to Hofstra. “It’s my last semester here … and I like Dunkin’ better [than Starbucks],” Francis said.

However, his feelings are not echoed by the entire student body. “I think that [the change is] a bad idea,” said freshman business major William Baker. “Dunkin’ isn’t good, and I guarantee the majority of students prefer Starbucks … so now there is always going to be a long line at the [Student Center Starbucks] because everyone is going to go there.”

Other students aren’t as concerned about the change in coffee. “The main draw is the doughnuts. I’m not bothered by the coffee change,” junior marketing major Natasha Morris said. She wasn’t the only one with this opinion.

Freshman math major Paul Strileckis said he’s not really a big coffee guy. He’s more into the sweet drinks and the food. Strileckis said,“I’m hoping for doughnuts.”

The Cafe on the Quad is currently undergoing renovations to be transformed into a Dunkin’ Donuts expected to open by March 2018.

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