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Fourth annual #DayInThePride celebrates Hofstra

Fourth annual #DayInThePride celebrates Hofstra

Photo Courtesy of Laramie Knox / The Hofstra Chronicle

Hofstra University’s fourth annual #DayInThePride, held on Wednesday, Oct. 24, gave students, faculty and alumni the chance to showcase their daily routines and explain valuable experiences that Hofstra has taught them over the years.

Hundreds of social media posts throughout the day displayed what being a member of the Hofstra Pride entails, from students getting food on campus to upperclassmen posting photos from their internships in New York City. 

Alumni of varying years also recognized the incredible opportunities that Hofstra has given them. Alex Dollin who tweeted, “Always grateful to @HofstraU and @wrhuradio for the amazing training and support.” Dollin, who graduated from Hofstra in 2008, currently works as a morning show producer at News 12 Long Island. He spent the day simultaneously celebrating #DayInThePride and his 10-year work anniversary. 

 #DayInThePride also was a way for current students to see an ordinary day in the eyes of their peers and find out about events on campus that they may not have otherwise known about. 

Hofstra’s ROTC program used the hashtag to advertise their ‘Pie A Cadet’ fundraiser on social media. Senior forensics major Jonathan Persaud and other members of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship used the tag to promote their 0.5K run to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

 “There’s a lot of stuff that people can get involved in that they might find interesting or cool,” Persaud said. “Putting it on social media is a great way for clubs to get recognition as well as [for] people to get involved in areas that interest them.”

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