NYU professor addresses equity in education

Hofstra’s literary studies program hosted a two-day event for graduate students in the teaching profession to gain credit toward their degree through a thought-provoking discussion on the meaning of equity in the classroom with David Kirkland, executive director of the New York University (NYU) Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools, on Saturday, March 9.

Clinton speechwriter reflects on career

Terry Edmonds, the first African-American chief White House speechwriter, shared insight on the fundamentals of political speechwriting and addressed the many challenges that public advocates face in today’s political environment to a packed room of Hofstra students, faculty and community members on Wednesday, March 6.

Hofstra’s green initiative falls short for many

Amid questions regarding recycling processes, Hofstra’s Sustainability Officer Terry Greis addressed concerns many community members have aired. She said Hofstra recycles plastic bottles, metal cans and paper. Anything else thrown in the recycling bins – glass bottles, plastic cutlery, plastic clamshell food containers and Starbucks cups – ultimately end up in the same trash, according to Greis.

Visiting scholar speaks about neurological disorders

Susan Birren, former dean of arts and sciences and professor of biology and neuroscience at Brandeis University, was chosen to be the Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar and give a public lecture to Hofstra students and staff. In her presentation on Thursday, Feb. 7, “Building a Brain: Cells, Circuits and Developmental Disorders,” Birren discussed her work on cellular interactions in neurons and how brain cells can affect neurological disorders.