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Humans of Hofstra: Grant Taylor

Humans of Hofstra: Grant Taylor

Grant Taylor, a sophomore film major, transferred to Hofstra from the State University of New York at Geneseo this fall. Taylor found that Hofstra’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication was a better fit for him, as his previous institution did not have a film program. He spoke about his excitement to continue his education here at Hofstra and become acclimated to the film program here. He believes the program will set him in the right direction for his intended career path.  

“Film was something I’ve always wanted to do. I took an Intro to Film class at Geneseo and it really inspired me. It made me realize it's exactly what I wanted to do. I’m glad that I was able to find Hofstra because they have the exact program that I was looking for,” Taylor said. 

A former business major at Geneseo, Taylor switched to film because he didn’t quite find his “groove” in business. It was a field that he couldn’t see himself in long-term, and one that lacks the exhilaration he finds in the film industry. Taylor said since he was young, he’s always had a fascination with and passion for film.  

“Business was something I couldn’t get my foot in and it wasn’t a place where I could see myself benefiting others or helping anyone,” Taylor said. “Film is something I have always had a passion for inside and out. It gives me the space to express myself and explore my own footprint.”  

Taylor said he enjoys Hofstra’s campus, but wants to first get adjusted to the new environment and find his own voice before getting involved with any organizations or clubs. At his previous institution, he was involved in the film club. He hopes to eventually join Hofstra’s own filmmakers club to familiarize himself with the various components of filmmaking.

“I love the campus, it’s very easy to get along with everyone here. Even though Hofstra is bigger than my old school, it’s not a very intimidating campus for you to get to meet many people. I want to fully take advantage of this campus,” Taylor said.

Although Taylor hasn’t fully grasped where exactly he sees himself going in the film industry, he’s confident in his commitment to learning as he goes. “I’m not entirely sure [what I plan to do with film in the future.] I’m here to kind of figure that out,” Taylor said. “Whether it be production or screenwriting, I just know this is the field I’m meant to be in.”

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