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“President Rabinowitz responded to my question with, “You do matter, and every single student on this campus matters to me...I understand that it helps you in some way to say that we don’t think you’re as important as others...but you are...” This comment filled me with an anger I was unable to process to an extent that permitted me to write about it until this week. And even now, I still debate whether or not these feelings are eloquent enough for publication.”

"Hofstra University sees its students as dollar signs. I say this knowing that there are countless administration and faculty members who truly do care for students, but as an institution, students are a profit margin. When I was a freshman coming to Hofstra, I had grand plans to take my basic math and language courses at my local community college to open my schedule up to more classes within my major at the university I had chosen."

"Jefferson’s personal history is spotty and his reasoning on race was extremely flawed. However, his contributions to education, engineering and political theory cannot fit a 10-page paper, let alone an editorial. He is undeniably omnipresent in our nation’s history. “One day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed – ‘We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.’” That was Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963. Although the irony cannot be ignored, it was those words, Jefferson’s words, which inspired generations of Americans to fight for equality."

"Yet despite this compelling view of the former president, and ample fact to support these claims, it is not the only study of the president in existence. There is also the “emancipationist” view, put forth by professor Douglas L. Wilson (among others), which sees Jefferson as a product of his time, alleging that he opposed the notion of slavery all his life, merely using it in a fashion similar to his contemporaries. Contrary to what Owens and their constituents might believe, there is also evidence to support this view as well."

"Dear Stuart Rabinowitz,

It is long past time we acknowledged that, in spite of Hofstra’s already exorbitant price tag, you are actively dedicated to cheating your students and capitalizing on their basic needs. 

Hofstra University has consistently skimped on providing necessary student services whenever and wherever it can in order to turn a profit."

Demi Lovato, singer and outspoken activist for better mental health treatment options, announced on Jan. 24 that group therapy and motivational speeches pertaining to mental health will be offered during her 2018 tour. The group therapy sessions and speeches, free of charge, will be hosted by CAST Centers, a mental health and addiction center Lovato is co-owner of. She also attended the organization as a patient in 2011.

Recently a disheartening email survey was sent out to a handful of Hofstra students from Michael Ogazon, the director of Budget and Campus Dining, regarding the potential removal of Build Your Own Burger in Bits & Bytes. This forces us, once again, to question the quality of dining options and health concerns on Hofstra’s campus. As a whole, Hofstra seems to do their best with variety and including different limitations as well as a few healthier options here and there, but seems to miss the mark when it comes to replacing some of its on-campus dining.

To hear that Dunkin’ Donuts would be replacing one of Hofstra’s coveted Starbucks locations initially shocked me, as I’m sure it did most of you. As a coffee enthusiast, I was interested and also confused. Changing a Starbucks to a Dunkin' at a college? It almost sounds, unprogressive? But after some consideration, I realized that we caffeine addicts here at Hofstra are indeed receiving a blessing from the coffee gods.