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“If you’re an early bird, which means you enjoy getting up before the sun, you get to live longer. If you’re a night owl, meaning you thrive after 9 p.m. and before the sun rises, you need to visit the doctor more and get a mental health evaluation. Good thing there are no studies condemning permanently exhausted pigeons, or people who feel tired all the time. I’m off the hook, then. As a former night owl who still has mental illness, though, this news does disturb me.”

"There is a lot to prove in college. With the tuition bill upward of $40,000, it is hard not to feel like you must always validate your worth as a student. However, in recent years this validation has taken an unhealthy turn. Many students look to stress levels or their choice of major to validate their time and money spent on school, or use their stress levels and workload to measure success."