"Hofstra University, where I am a professor in the School of Education, was recently in the national news, largely thanks to exiled Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly. A Hofstra student posted a Change.org petition demanding that the university remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, because he was a slave owner who sexually exploited an enslaved black teenager with whom he had a number of children – a woman and her children who he kept enslaved. Student groups participated in a university-sponsored forum where multiple positions were aired and over 100 students demonstrated in front of the statute demanding its removal on Friday, March 30."

"It is wrong, low and disgusting that a legal immigrant can be deported for acting in the interests of not only his safety, but the safety of anyone residing in an area where MS-13 is active. In no world should the government turn against someone who actively assisted them in the identification and arrest of several dangerous gang members."

"The liberal arts help you to argue and think critically. They teach you how to write and ask questions. You may get your job through your major, but I can guarantee you’ll get your promotion through the liberal arts. The arts have always been more than just about artwork. Leonardo da Vinci understood this by blending his love of math and science with art; in fact, he considered them the same thing."

"As the teacher’s strike in Oklahoma extends into a second week, people across the country are making their own opinions about which side of the strike they support. In reality, there should not be sides being taken at all. Teachers, the hard-working people who are literally shaping the minds of the future, believe they should be making a fair wage and receiving enough funding to properly run their classrooms. I struggle to see any problem with that."

"Hofstra University sees its students as dollar signs. I say this knowing that there are countless administration and faculty members who truly do care for students, but as an institution, students are a profit margin. When I was a freshman coming to Hofstra, I had grand plans to take my basic math and language courses at my local community college to open my schedule up to more classes within my major at the university I had chosen."

"In a chilling video circling social media, fake news is brought into a new light by the actions of the Sinclair Broadcasting Company. The video shows dozens of local news sources reciting the exact same script, including quotes like “the sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media. More alarming, some media outlets publish these same fake stories without checking facts first.” In each of the videos from these news stations, anchors emphasize that this kind of media “is extremely dangerous to our democracy.” Ironic."

"If you believe hard enough, get some strength – physical and mental – and have a positive mental attitude, you too could become an amazing athlete and a Hollywood star. Or whatever you want to be. Mental illness can’t be any more complicated than that, according to these articles. It’s the journalistic version of the parental “you’ll grow out of it” advice; except, since we’re dealing with mental illness here, this implicit advice is very dismissive of a real issue."

"Representation matters. It showcases the diverse spectrum of gender, uplifts trans and non-binary individuals and educates cisgender people who were never taught anything outside of the gender binary. Under a presidential administration that has barred trans people from serving in the military and prevented transgender children and teens from using the bathrooms they feel comfortable using, it is vital that trans and non-binary youth and questioning individuals be made aware that our identities are not “abnormal.” And until trans and non-binary representation becomes mainstream, many people will still feel “othered,” and be “othered” socially."

"Jefferson’s personal history is spotty and his reasoning on race was extremely flawed. However, his contributions to education, engineering and political theory cannot fit a 10-page paper, let alone an editorial. He is undeniably omnipresent in our nation’s history. “One day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed – ‘We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.’” That was Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963. Although the irony cannot be ignored, it was those words, Jefferson’s words, which inspired generations of Americans to fight for equality."

"In the United States alone, 8,524 sex trafficking cases and 26,557 calls to the National Human Trafficking Hotline were reported in 2017, nearly doubling in the last five years. The government has recently been putting an effort to end sex trafficking, with the newest bill called the “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act,” or FOSTA. But like anything our government does, controversy ensues more than any progress. In my opinion, while it’s fantastic that they’re trying to abolish sex slavery, this bill isn’t going to solve the main problems."

"Yet despite this compelling view of the former president, and ample fact to support these claims, it is not the only study of the president in existence. There is also the “emancipationist” view, put forth by professor Douglas L. Wilson (among others), which sees Jefferson as a product of his time, alleging that he opposed the notion of slavery all his life, merely using it in a fashion similar to his contemporaries. Contrary to what Owens and their constituents might believe, there is also evidence to support this view as well."

"I was half in the bag when I realized I had been arguing with her for twenty minutes. I looked up at the clock and found out it was actually an hour and I had been fully stuffed into the bag by good Scotch whisky and any free drinks I could weasel out of my friends. It was an argument filled with eye rolls and interrupted with large sips. We were arguing about words. These words did not include racial slurs, which should not be tolerated in any civil discourse as normal. “It’s just a word, it means nothing,” I would say. “Words have meaning,” she would answer. “And there should be certain things we can’t say.”"

"In 1958, Edward Murrow gave a speech in Chicago. “At the end of this discourse a few people may accuse this reporter of fouling his own comfortable nest, and your organization may be accused of having given hospitality to heretical and even dangerous thoughts,” he said. Four years earlier he put his career at risk by taking on America’s most dangerous demagogue, Wisconsin Sen. Joseph McCarthy."

"Opening a new restaurant or eatery is quite an involved affair. The funds poured into a project make the stakes relatively high in the beginning, as a business scrambles to recoup operating costs. As such, many restaurants opt for a so-called “soft opening,” a precursor to the official welcome of customers. These openings usually have a selective audience and a limited menu, serving the purpose of acquainting new staff with equipment and the environment. This concept is one that has been likened to dress rehearsals in theater productions.

"Following a controversial election, Donald Trump has seemingly done everything in his power to make a laughingstock of the executive office. He’s crass, immature and some say unfit for power. After a long string of departures and criminal charges leading back to the doorstep of the White House, it seems that Donald Trump has taken an America that was respected worldwide and turned it into a laughingstock in less than one election cycle."