“President Rabinowitz responded to my question with, “You do matter, and every single student on this campus matters to me...I understand that it helps you in some way to say that we don’t think you’re as important as others...but you are...” This comment filled me with an anger I was unable to process to an extent that permitted me to write about it until this week. And even now, I still debate whether or not these feelings are eloquent enough for publication.”

“It’s really easy to feel like you haven’t done enough. Four years isn’t a lot of time, even if it can feel like it stretches on forever. Saying goodbye to college is hard, and as cheesy as it sounds, saying goodbye to The Chronicle is harder. I’ve been part of The Chronicle’s editorial board since September of freshman year, for me there is no Hofstra without The Chronicle.”

“Over the last few weeks, discussion of peace talks between North and South Korea have intensified, and it looks like a peace treaty ending the 72-year war will materialize in the near future. This comes at the end of nearly 15 years of intense sanctions by the U.N. and its member states to punish the North Korean military and political elite, who have spent the time establishing themselves as the most credible nuclear threat in the world since the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

“As the semester is winding down, I’ve noticed three consistent moods among people graduating on May 20: full acceptance that they’re graduating, half-acceptance and half-denial that they’re graduating or the joking thought that graduating on May 20 is the plan.”