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An underwhelming ‘After'thought

Based on a popular One Direction Wattpad fan fiction of the same name, “After” is a teen romance movie with themes of love, lust and heartache. Hardin Scott, who represents Harry Styles, is a bad boy who catches feelings for a sweet, innocent girl named Tessa Young. Though a similar plot to many movies of this genre, “After” somehow managed to ruin teen romance films for good. 

A film in 'Transit' through time

Do not be deceived by its title – the characters in “Transit” are hopelessly stuck. This is a film about waiting. Yet the film itself is not at all static, as it possesses a fresh fluidity that will stun the unprepared mind. What seems to be a period thriller at first glance in reality was a startling meditation on human relationships and what it means to be a refugee.

‘The Other Side’ of an unfinished story

“The Other Side of the Wind” has been a long time coming, released over 30 years after director Orson Welles’ death in 1985. Therefore, it is only appropriate that this review should come several months after the film’s 2018 release. Regardless of the time that has passed since the release, Welles is an ever-relevant, tragic titan of cinema.