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Fans are ‘Suckers’ for Jonas return

Fans are ‘Suckers’ for Jonas return

Photo courtesy of Stylecaster.

To the excitement of fans around the world, the Jonas Brothers have officially reunited after a breakup of almost six years. Fans suspected the group may be returning after a social media blackout and were thrilled to discover on Thursday, Feb. 28, that the band would be releasing a new song, “Sucker,” the next day, along with a music video. The popular band made up of brothers Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas, who gained popularity on Disney Channel throughout the 2000s, broke up in 2013, leaving many devastated. 

During the period the band has been broken up, a lot has changed – both with the brothers and their fanbase. Nick has had a successful solo career with seven songs hitting the Billboard Top 100 and his song “Jealous” spending 32 weeks on the charts and peaking at No. 7. Similarly, Joe found success in his band DNCE with “Cake By The Ocean” reaching No. 9 on the Top 100. Kevin started a family with wife Danielle and their two girls and became an entrepreneur. 

Many fans who felt the crushing impact of the breakup while in their early teens are now in their 20s, but they haven’t forgotten their beloved Jonas Brothers.

The song shot to No. 1 on the iTunes charts after being out for less than eight hours, knocking Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow” from the top spot. 

“Sucker” was written by the Jonas Brothers and Ryan Tedder, with Tedder also producing the track. With hits from his own band OneRepublic and credits on tracks like Beyonce’s “Halo” and Adele’s “Rumour Has It,” Tedder is no stranger to penning and producing songs that become immediate hits. 

However, it took a lot for the Jonas Brothers to have the success they are having with their reunion. The Jonas Brothers sat down with Elvis Duran on “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” on Friday, March 1, to discuss the challenges the past six years have brought them and how they have been able to come back together as a band and as a family. 

Nick, Joe and Kevin originally thought of coming together for a documentary to display their time as the Jonas Brothers to where they are today. This documentary process helped them to bring closure to some of the issues they had following the breakup of the band and allowed them to be able to make new music again. 

“When it ended ... it was not good,” Nick said. “It was, you know, a challenging couple years of … rebuilding as family, and I think in our minds it seemed like it would be impossible to ever do this again.” 

“After the band split, it took time to get OK to play music again, to do the thing that was so much a part of our life,” Kevin said. “Now it just feels so incredible, and I’m so grateful honestly that we could work together again. I never truly thought it was going to happen.” 

Once they got together to shoot the documentary, “We realized that there was a magic when we were together that we missed, you know,” Nick said. “We felt like something different always happened when we were together, and so I sort of began the conversation about doing this.”

Once they got together, figured out their sound following six years of growth and solo ventures and remembered how to work together to make music, things happened pretty quickly. Joe said that they recorded 30 to 40 songs and that they will hopefully be releasing more within the next few months. In the meantime, fans can satiate their need for Jonas Brothers by listening to “Sucker,” watching the music or tuning in to “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” where the Jonas Brothers will be taking over the show from Monday, March 4, to Friday, March 8. The brothers are just as excited as their fans to be back and making new music.

“Being able to look to your left and see your brothers, last night for instance, we were over the moon about just even the world hearing for the first time new music,” Nick said. “There was a moment that I just grabbed them and shook them and said, ‘This is real; this is happening.’”

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