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Celebrating women in 'What Men Want'

Celebrating women in 'What Men Want'

Considering March is International Women’s Month, the recent movie “What Men Want” journeys through the trials and tribulations of Ali Davis, a female sports agent working toward her goal of signing the next NBA draft pick. 

Davis, played by Taraji P. Henson, is seen as the underdog among her peers, as she works in the male-dominated field of sports. After not having been selected for a special partnership within the company, Davis finds herself searching for answers as to why she was not chosen. But soon enough, Davis meets her “fairy godmother,” Sister, who, through a secret potion, allows Davis to read the minds of men.

Though a feel-good movie, “What Men Want” lightly touches on inequality faced by women in the workforce. At times in the movie, Davis gets the short end of the stick compared to her male coworkers. 

Most could assume in these circumstances that it is because she is a woman. However, audience members can witness first-hand how Davis combats the doubters around her.

As for the performances in the movie, this cast list includes many household names. Lead actress Henson made for a great main character. The audience was able to see both sides of her personality – the funny, comedic side as well as the side full of serious, dramatic acting. 

Erykah Badu (Sister) was simply a gem in the film. All her scenes were filled with her hilarious, witty humor that made the movie what is was. 

Pete Davidson’s character, Danny, adds an extra dimension to the storyline, while, of course, adding in some crude humor in true Davidson fashion. The creators of the show allowed Davidson’s true personality to shine through in this movie. 

Like Davidson, Tracy Morgan remained true to his style by boosting up the comedy in the film, but did not stray away from the plot or the story. 

Others featured in the movie include Max Greenfield, Aldis Hodge, Shaquille O’Neal and Mark Cuban.

In short, “What Men Want” gets an overall score of eight out of 10 stars. The movie did its job in telling a light hearted, funny story. It surely had its moments of drama and intensity, but that was not its goal. The storyline was not all too complex to follow, so essentially anyone could watch it. 

However, this two-hour rom-com is rated R for its strong language and mature content. Regardless, if you have the chance, make sure to stop by your nearest theater and celebrate a woman’s journey in “What Men Want.”

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