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An end on the horizon for 5 queens

An end on the horizon for 5 queens

Episode eight of “RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars 4” kept viewers on edge while the top six queens worked tirelessly to create ravishing looks with their “Judy’s.” The episode was based on Judy Garland and her role in the gay rights movement and it had the queens in for some unexpected twists. RuPaul surprised the queens by bringing their “best Judy’s,” also known as their romantic partners and best friends, to the workroom where they would have to transform them into a twin of their drag persona and develop a routine to one of Garland’s hit songs. Latrice Royale, a seasoned queen who was brought back from a previous elimination, was surprised by her best friend, Tim, who she has known for 25 years. Trinity the Tuck was surprised by her boyfriend, Leo, who she had to transform into her drag sibling but had some concerns, as she did not know how he would look in drag. Monet X Change was surprised with Patty, who is her best friend and assistant. Manila Luzon was surprised by her husband, Michael, who she says is her “biggest supporter and source of happiness” in life. Monique Hart was surprised by her friend, Danny, who has always lent her a shoulder to lean on when she was enduring hard times.

While having their “best Judy’s” in the workroom was a pleasant change of pace to the environment, it did create distractions for the queens, who had to continue to come up with innovative looks that would take their drag to the next level. 

On the runway, Royale and Tim did not really convey the concept of twins, according to the judges. Royale seemed focused on making sure her partner was doing the best she could, which diminished her stage presence.

The Tuck and her partner sported a Versace inspired outfit on the runway which was praised by the judges, but their runway performance was considered ‘safe’ and could have been more eccentric. 

Heart and her partner stunned with their creative eye outfits, which definitely resembled the family theme that was supposed to be conveyed. 

Michelle Visage, one of the judges, criticized Monique’s performance for being messy and knew that she was capable of creating better routines. 

Smalls and her partner took advice from RuPaul when he told her to take risks when it comes to creating her looks – which is exactly what she did for this challenge. Smalls’ runway routine, influenced by Cher, was a hit among the judges and really represented how she was able to be more versatile with her looks than she previously was. 

X Change and her partner stole the show, however, with their performance. It not only had actual choreography, but an energy that left all of the judges wanting more. 

Luzon and her partner did not amaze the judges this week with her ‘deck of cards’ look; they felt that it did not sell the idea of a family relationship. 

The episode ended with Smalls and X Change being the top two of the challenge, which meant that they had to decide who they were going to send home between Royale and Luzon. 

This was a plot twist for the queens and the audience because Royale and Luzon are two of the most respected queens and are also best friends. 

While neither of them expected to end up in the bottom, it was unfortunate that it was between Royale and Luzon because they both have so much love for each other. 

X Change and Smalls had a huge decision to make because they could either be fair and keep the queen who had the best ‘track record’ or eliminate the queen who provides the greatest competition. 

Smalls and X Change faced off during their lip-sync challenge, ultimately giving Smalls the victory for the first time this season. 

Smalls decided to take the path that would improve her chances of winning the competition by eliminating Luzon, who had never been in the bottom this season before this episode. 

While the queens were upset by Luzon’s departure, they are all focused on creating the most exquisite looks that will lead them to an “All-Star” victory.

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