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YouTuber brings a new face to the beauty world

YouTuber brings a new face to the beauty world

If you are not familiar with the tagline “Hey sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel,” then you are missing out on the next big beauty guru. 

However, you may have seen him on the front page of CoverGirl magazine as the first “CoverBoy.” Within less than two years, Charles has not only amassed over 3 million subscribers to his channel, but has also appeared on notable talk shows like “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” 

Charles has experienced quite a bit of fame within a short amount of time. Most people subscribe to Charles to learn some of his dazzling make-up skills. His channel’s content consists of make-up videos and tutorials ranging from back-to-school looks to the ultimate glam.

Some of Charles’ most popular videos happen to be the ones where he collaborates with other social media influencers, including former “Dance Moms” star Maddie Ziegler and YouTuber Tana Mongeau.

In addition to make-up, Charles is also a fantastic singer. There are several videos on his channel, in which he sings to popular songs like “New Rules” by Dua Lipa and “Attention” by Charlie Puth. 

Although Charles often receives a lot of hate for breaking gender stereotypes, he shows that one can persevere and not let haters stand in the way. 

In August, I was fortunate enough to attend one of Charles’ meet-ups in Union Square in New York City. There were about 200 fans waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite beauty guru. 

Upon arrival, the fans went ballistic and went so far as to run in the middle of moving city traffic in an effort to snap a selfie with Charles. He did not seem to be expecting such a large turnout, but made an effort to create an organized line and try to meet every supporter that he could before his scheduled meeting. 

Charles is able to relate to his teenage and young adult demographic. Just a couple of years ago, he was a regular kid in high school, but now is living the dream in sunny California. All of his fans at the meet-up had something positive to say about his impact on their lives:

“James Charles is a great YouTuber who creates fantastic looks that capture the eye, literally.” 

“He is gorgeous, very expressive, very himself and not afraid to be different and embraces it.”

“What I really like about James, and what keeps me watching his videos, is his personality. He isn’t afraid to laugh about himself in his mistakes, and his makeup style is loud and he isn’t afraid to express himself.”

One can see that Charles is adored by many for his make-up looks and his cheerful personality. If you want to improve your make-up skills or just watch a fun YouTube video, check out Charles’ channel.

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