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'The Last Great Kings' to be opening act at Music Fest

'The Last Great Kings' to be opening act at Music Fest

The winner of Hofstra Concerts’ Battle for Music Fest – held Friday night in the Netherlands Core – will go on to open Hofstra Concerts’ Music Fest in May. 

 Two three-man-bands, one stunning team of two and a solo rapper competed for the slot this year. All contestants performed between four to six songs, with original content in each setlist.

Foley, the first band up, played songs that were easy to listen to. Both the lead and back-up vocals were powerful and pleasing to the ear. Their set of songs ranged from pensive ballads to uplifting melodies. 

Due to a scheduling conflict, the three members of Foley had to leave directly after performing their last song, “Cardinal Sin,” in order to make it to another show.

Second to the stage, The Last Great Kings came on subtly screaming indie-rock with ease and sincerity. Impressively, no two songs they played felt repetitive – each composition brought something individually pleasing to the table. 

Two-thirds of the typically three-membered band were present and put on a lively show that resonated with the audience. Prior to playing, Tommy O’Connor provided listeners with some meaningful context about the upcoming songs – making lyrics that were already empathetic and engaging feel that much more impactful. 

A small group gathered and enthusiastically sang along to a catchy melody, and the rest of the crowd didn’t hesitate to clap to the tune. The audience remained responsive yet relaxed as The Last Great Kings finished their set, making way for Slow Marrow.

The compelling duo Slow Marrow consists of paramount vocalist Irene Yannios and acoustic guitarist Sophia Rosado. Each original piece the two performed was lyrically alluring and melodically moving. Additionally, Slow Marrow’s cover of “Still Into You,” originally by Paramore, engaged the crowd as it was very well done and recognizable. 

Finally The Wave, a solo rapper performing his own songs took the stage, requesting to raise the bass. People were on their feet towards the end of The Wave’s set as the energy in the room went in a completely new direction – dramatically contrasting the intent and pensive aura that suited Slow Marrow’s set.

At the conclusion of all four performances, audience members sent in their votes through a poll taken on the Hofstra Concerts’ Facebook page. After a drum roll for suspense, the winning musicians, The Last Great Kings, returned to the stage to accept their title and briefly give a kind thank you to everyone for coming out to the event. 

The victory this past Friday was doubly significant for The Last Great Kings, who had put out a new single earlier that day. Anyone with a liking for indie-alt rock would find it a word of good advice to check out the new song “Death or Glory” on Spotify, and give a listen to their EP, “Here and There, Everywhere,” before Music Fest on Saturday, May 5 when The Last Great Kings will give the opening performance.

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