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‘At Seabrook High, it’s Zoms vs. Poms’

‘At Seabrook High, it’s Zoms vs. Poms’

New York native Meg Donnelly is the newest actress in Hollywood that will soon be taking over your television. Donnelly got her start in the entertainment industry when she was young by taking dance classes ranging from hip hop to Broadway-style dance. 

Donnelly also was actively involved in a theater playhouse after school where she acted in several plays and learned the ropes of the industry. It was after a recital that an agent approached Donnelly’s parents and asked her if she wanted to be signed, and the rest is history. 

Donnelly rose to popularity for her role as Ash in the Netflix show “Team Toon,” which was about a group of friends who discover that the “Psycho Squirrel” cartoon characters they draw can come to life. 

This causes them to set their superheroes against a host of villains in an animated and exciting way. Donnelly is most recently known for her work on ABC’s hit comedy series “American Housewife,” which airs on Wednesdays at 9:30.

“American Housewife” is about Katie Otto, a typical mom of three children, living in Westport, Connecticut, surrounded by superficial mothers and wealthy families. Donnelly plays Taylor Otto, who is an athletic 14-year-old girl who loves hanging out with her friends, but is not the brightest when it comes to academics. 

Taylor has a bit of a sibling rivalry with her brother, Oliver, but usually ends up making amends in order to be on his side in family debates. Donnelly does an amazing job of getting the essence across of Taylor and does so in a comedic way, which makes it all the better. 

In an interview with Celebrity Cafe, Donnelly talked about her favorite part of working on the show. “I think my favorite thing is the crew and the cast,” she said. “It doesn’t even seem like a job. And also the fans, too. It’s been such great feedback from everyone. Just the fact that the crew and the cast are so amazing, it makes watching the show and seeing the finished product so much better.” 

Donnelly is making her debut on the Disney Channel as a lead role in Disney Channel’s Original Movie “Zombies.” 

The zombies in the story are segregated to “Zombietown” away from regular humans, until they’re given the right to enroll at Seabrook High School. The main protagonist Zed, played by Milo Manheim, befriends Donnelly’s Addison, a freshman human who wants to become a cheerleader. 

Addison wants to be at the height of popularity as a cheerleader, but gets a lot of backlash from other humans for befriending Zed and his friends. 

Addison realizes that humans and zombies aren’t very different like she used to think. They ultimately set out to prove that Seabrook students, both human and zombie, can set aside their differences and celebrate a unified community.

“Zombies” is set to air on Friday, Feb. 16 on Disney Channel.

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