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Up close and personal with Logan Pepper

Up close and personal with Logan Pepper

Are you an avid television binge watcher? If so, you should check out ABC’s “American Housewife” if you have not already. I recently had the chance to interview Logan Pepper, who plays Cooper Bradford on the show. I chatted with him about his role on the show, his favorite episode, upcoming projects and more.

Hofstra Chronicle: How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

Logan Pepper: I got my start in the entertainment industry by going to my dad’s acting classes. He’s an acting teacher and all of my friends were actors, so I thought, “Hey, why don’t I give it a shot myself!” 

HC: How did you land the role on “American Housewife”?

LP: I landed my role on “American Housewife” actually by going on an audition for a different role. I went out for a role for a different episode and they said that they were going to call me back. So, when my time came to audition for Cooper Bradford, I gave it my all and here I am today. 

HC: How would you describe your character? 

LP: Diedrich Bader [Greg Otto on the show] described my character Cooper as being relentlessly optimistic, which I do think describes it pretty perfectly. He’s so rich that he isn’t aware that other people don’t have that amount of money. Not everybody has two Vespas and five houses. That might come across as him being a jerk, but he is really just unaware. 

HC: What is a typical day like on set?

LP: My typical day on set is I get there, I get into my hair and makeup. It is only 15 minutes away from my house, which is perfect. Then I either go to school or I rehearse the scene that I’m about to shoot. So then I start to shoot the scenes, I finish up my three hours of school and then it’s lunch. I hang out with my co-stars Meg [Donnelly], Daniel [DiMaggio] and Julia [Butters]. There’s this ping-pong area that we all like to play with the cast and crew and it’s a lot of fun. We’re always having a great time and we’re just really messing around for the whole time that we’re there on set. 

HC: How is this role different from others that you’ve played in the past?

LP: This role is a lot different than ones that I’ve actually played in the past because other roles that I’ve played were a lot darker. I’ve been the bully – the mean big bully before – and then I’ve also been the one being victimized, so this is such a fun role to play because he’s so light-hearted and comedic which is really different, but it’s a lot of fun. 

HC: What do you think makes “American Housewife” stand out from other family sitcoms? 

LP: What I think makes “American Housewife” stand out amongst other sitcoms is how we have such a strong female lead in Katy Mixon. She’s so great and influential to everybody on the set. We all look up to her, and she’s also the sweetest woman around. Also, what I think makes the show so fun is how relatable it is and how many different things you can relate to. Just watching the show, you can see something and be like, “Wait, I thought I was the only one who did that.” 

HC: Have you had a favorite episode to film?

LP: One of my favorite episodes to film was in the first season. It was called “The Walk,” and pretty much Anna-Kat [Butters] wanted to walk to the library and I had a drone that could follow people, so we used the drone to track them. I had this scene where I had to do this monologue in front of all the moms in this Candyland birthday set. There was this chocolate fountain and there were lollipops everywhere and it was a sugar haven. It was pretty awesome to film. 

HC: What can fans expect to see from upcoming episodes?

LP: Now, I can’t tell you what is going to happen in upcoming episodes, but I will tell you that there are going to be some really fun sets and some really great scenes with me and [Mixon] and Oliver and the rest of the crew. 

HC: Do you have any other projects you can tell us about? 

LP: I recently shot this short film, “Wolves,” that’ll be going to festivals soon, so that’ll be really fun to see. 

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