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Michael Bublé gives fans an album to ‘Love’

Michael Bublé gives fans an album to ‘Love’

After a two-year hiatus, Michael Bublé released a new album titled “Love” on Friday, Nov. 16. 

His break from music followed the diagnosis of his son’s liver cancer in 2016, and it is clear from the album’s title that it reflects the journey he and his family endured over the past two years. 

In typical Bublé fashion, his relatively short album of only 11 songs (13 in the deluxe version), is a mix of covers of classic songs as well as his own originals. 

Bublé is an acquired taste. In a time where rap songs dominate the charts, the soulfulness and heartwarming aspects of his music are becoming less and less popular with the majority of streamers. 

However, we can always rely on the older generation of female fans to buy physical CDs and keep this beautiful genre alive. 

Every now and then it’s important that we take a step back from listening to artists shout random, strange words for three minutes and just ugly cry to a sad Bublé song or get genuinely happy when listening to upbeat songs like “Love You Anymore,” which is off his newest album.

 Unlike his other albums, however, “Love” has a different energy to it. Rather than just a fun album where Bublé covers his favorite jazzy songs and generally keeps an upbeat vibe throughout, this album radiates a sense of purpose. 

It could not be more about love and all the different forms of it that he has – for his wife, his children, his family and life in general. One cannot just feature “La Vie En Rose” on their album and argue that they were filled with anything but strong feelings of love and passion. 

Part of his version of the song is sung in classic French, the language of love, effectively saying all that can be said. If your mother doesn’t swoon to Bublé’s version of “La Vie En Rose,” then she’s a liar.

One of his most emotional songs on the album is his original song “Forever Now.” What makes this song so tear-jerking is that it wasn’t written to fill space or make middle-aged women swoon over him; rather, it was written for his sons. 

After an emotional two years, Bublé uses this song to address his sons directly to express the immense love for them that he will hold forever. 

The warm and hopeful atmosphere presented in this song radiates from the soft piano and orchestra section, fully encapsulating a truly difficult personal experience.

Although his classic covers of songs such as “My Funny Valentine,” “I Get a Kick Out of You” and “Such a Night” are beautiful renditions, only enhanced by Bublé’s modern and young voice, the real stars of his album are the originals songs. 

Despite rumors that Bublé will be retiring from music, he will have a tour this upcoming winter aptly named “Don’t Believe the Rumors.” 

We can definitely expect some more tear-jerking songs about his family in the future as Bublé re-enters the world of music.

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