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Senior send-off: Speak your truth

Senior send-off: Speak your truth

College is a strange place. As I near the end of my career here at Hofstra, I realize how singularly curious it is to write so many essays, complete so many tests and draft homework assignments that will soon fall victim to the blue recycling bins recently placed around campus. 

Sure, you have the important takeaway of completing the assignment in the first place, but there is no lingering sense of accomplishment. Our time at university is largely defined by constructing pieces that will be simply tossed in a few months’ time.

We get to carry on a letter grade we’re (maybe) proud of, and our grade point average responds accordingly. 

For some people this is a rewarding enterprise, but for others, finding fulfillment in receiving one of five letters from the alphabet is maddening. Thus, the singular joy of having one’s work published. 

My time at The Chronicle has been enjoyable for many reasons, but chief among them that my work has the ability to linger and be perceived by some greater audience. 

Even as semesters have come and gone, the work stays – a lasting reflection of my ideas at a given moment in time.

Perhaps such a notion is a bit too sappy for the more casual readers among you, but I think this point can’t be overstated. 

Membership to The Chronicle affords one the ability to speak their truth, whether about the news, entertainment, views on the school or opinions on the state of things in general.

The staff is much less elitist than some members of the student body might try to insinuate. Conservative and liberal opinions are both welcome, despite claims that an idea of the former occupation will result in a negative response. 

The Chronicle is in fact one of the only places where you can be unapologetically yourself, even if your opinion is unpopular. You will have to answer for your opinion, of course, but we will let you get it out.

Life is funny in that very few people truly care about your ideas. You have your family, friends and significant other, of course, but others are often too preoccupied with their own lives to care about yours. Startling? Yes. Thus, places like The Chronicle continue to be of immense importance. 

In a public sphere where people continue to attack the truth, an entity that helps you get yours out can be rare. 

To be sure, this might read as the romanticizing of a school paper, but I challenge one to think of another time in life where a publication will take your work “just ’cause.”

While my involvement with the paper’s e-board only started last spring, I will move on with fond memories of this place. 

The stacks of old prints, the often-rickety chairs and the budget meetings where we all not-so-subtly continue to work on our layouts (many apologies for not paying attention). 

Keep on keeping on, Chronicle. Congratulations to anyone who stayed awake through this piece. Many thanks.

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