Best friends break out of prison together

Most people see multiplayer gaming nowadays as an online affair, considering the rise of internet-based gaming essentially killed the idea of “couch-co-op” games. “A Way Out” is a direct challenge to this notion; an action-oriented adventure, only playable in two-player co-op, that for the most part excels in creating a best-buddy dynamic throughout the experience, encouraging you to get an extra controller and a friend. 

Why ‘The Producers’ is old-fashioned

Brooks himself said that a film like “Blazing Saddles” could never get made today, in the realm of political correctness and progressive attitudes. Similarly, Brooks’ “The Producers” would most certainly be problematic if made today. Originally filmed in 1967, “The Producers” went on to become a smash Broadway musical and a middling 2005 remake. 

Slow-going moral complexity in 'Jessica Jones' season two

In its attempt to get to the root of why “Jessica Jones” is so special, season two of Netflix’s “Jessica Jones” takes way too long to actually kick into high gear. It’s only after the first half of the 13 episodes where the show’s momentum finally starts to take hold – and the season then becomes a tense, complicated experience that’s actually interesting.