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Letter to the Editor: What info or support do you need?

The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) staff is committed to the success of all Hofstra students and to providing any information that students seek. If you need information we always invite you to ask. There are several of ways to do that.

For instance, Sofia (Dean of Students/Assistant VP), Jean (Assistant VP) and Houston (VP for Student Affairs) all have weekly open office hours for any student to bring ideas, questions and concerns. If their office hours don’t work for you, email them and they will happily find a better time for you.

All recognized student clubs and organizations have an administrative advisor assigned to them from the Division of Student Affairs. This advisor can get students, club leaders and organizations the information they need to be successful in running an organization, planning programs and events and supporting your fellow students. (If a group isn’t sure who their advisor is, call the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement at 516-463-6914 or email

Please call, email or stop by with any question you have; stop and talk with us as you see us on campus (wearing our gold DSA nametags). Contact info for all DSA staff members are easily found at

Your success – and you having the information you want and need to be successful – is our top priority. Visit any of our offices across campus, email or call 516-463-6933 anytime you have a question or concern, and we will get you the information and connect you to the best possible personnel who can assist you.

With Pride,

Your Division of Student Affairs (DSA)

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