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The Breakdown: Where to be on debate day

Protests:Hagedorn Hall parking lot: • A stage will be set up for protesters. Any active groups who signed up will be able to use a microphone and express their opinions during 10 minute slots.

Outside Monroe Lecture Center: • Students and groups will be directed to the space outside the front of the building to participate in protests.

Hempstead Turnpike: • Advocacy groups without admittance to Hofstra’s campus are expected to protest and march along the turnpike.

Media: Broadcast Plaza: The parking lots in between the Graduate Residence Hall, the statue of the three bears and Estabrook Hall. • CNN, MSNBC and Fox will set up broadcast areas where students can watch live television created. The Netherlands’ Core: • ABC will be broadcasting live. Around Campus: • Live television will be shot on campus, students could be interviewed.

Interactive sites and activities: Intramural Fields: • A performance of living History titled, “Democracy in Performance” will be held under a tent. Student Center: • MTVU will host a virtual reality art display for students to participate in. Broadcast Plaza: • Advocacy groups such as the ONE campaign, AARP and C-Span will bring interactive displays for students to experience. ONE campaign is expected to bring a White House bounce castle along with an interactive exhibit.

Watch Party Locations: • The Netherlands’ Core, Monroe Lecture Center, Hofstra USA and the Student Center.

What to keep in mind: • Students should keep Hofstra ID’s on them at all times. • Outside guests will not be allowed in residence halls from Friday, Sept. 23 to Tuesday, Sept. 27 at noon.

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