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Hope for the future of the Democratic Party

There are moments in any political campaign where you desire to look back and focus on all of the choices that have been made. These are tiny moments where it is easy to believe that one small change could drastically effect the current situation. But, this is not the time to get caught up in these moments. We can only look towards the future; in this moment, we can only keep going forward.

Donald J. Trump will enter the White House in less than three month’s time. This is not the end of this country, but this is the start of what will be a very turbulent four years for this country. Trump represents a part of the country we are often scared to admit exists, however we are now forced to acknowledge this dark side of our country. The Democrats cannot stop because of this loss, like our candidate, Secretary Hillary Clinton, we must continue serving our country and fight against the parts of our country that celebrate all types of inequality.

We cannot go quietly into this goodnight. Trump will not be the end of my America, he will not be the end of the America of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr. and Clinton. The Democrats may have lost the presidential election, but we only lose our country if Americans give up. Protest, vote in every election, write to your senators and call your congressmen, but do not give up on the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

As a country, we have survived more than an easily angered and unqualified candidate taking this office. We are a nation built on more than this election. 2016 has not been a stellar year, but it is also not our worst. Do not continue to pretend politics does not affect you, do not hold yourself back to be polite, because if nothing else this election has showed us that the far-right has no qualms about airing their dirty laundry.

When they go low, we go high. Our movements are not over, our causes are not dead and our America is still alive. I’m not embarrassed to admit I’m scared. I am uncertain, I am confused, I am lost, but I have not given up on my America. It’s okay to not know what’s in store for the future, what isn’t okay is giving up before we have a chance to get there. Even if the results are not what you wanted them to be, it’s not okay to let go of your values. Do not take this loss lying down, do not go quiet into this goodnight.

Jesse Saunders is the President of the Hofstra Democrats

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