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Club Spotlight: Get cooking with the Culinary Club

Photo courtesy of Dana Craig Say goodbye to the days of Easy Mac and Cup-a-Soup, because Hofstra’s Culinary Club is here to provide awesome recipes and techniques to make a perfect meal.

Dana Craig, the organization’s president, started the club a year and a half ago. “People should know how to cook,” Craig said. “The Culinary Club is a great way to learn the basics.”

This is a club for everyone, even those who have never touched a blender or don’t know the difference between a paring knife and a steak knife.

Besides cooking and baking sessions every other week, the club also hosts a Thanksgiving meal in November. They are looking into a volunteer opportunity at the Ronald McDonald House and, with proper funding, are hoping to go on a food tour in New York City. “Hopefully this year we’ll get the funding to do [the food tour] again. It was our biggest event of the year last time,” Craig said.

During baking sessions, the club typically makes cookies, cupcakes, brownies and other sweet treats

But for this year’s cooking sessions they’re hoping to expand beyond typical American dishes. “We’re really trying to branch off and make more cultural dishes this year,” said public relations representative KC Castañeda. “We also are always taking suggestions from our members if they have a specific dish in mind.”

Knowing that college students are always on a budget, the Culinary Club covers the costs of ingredients and materials. At each session, there will be a demonstration of any techniques needed to bake or cook the meal and attendees will receive a copy of the recipe along with their tasty treats. Have an allergy? The club has that covered too, just send them an email ahead of time.

“We honestly love to just cook for fun,” Craig said. “We want to provide that culinary outlet for students who feel the same way.”

The club’s first session will be held on Friday, Sept. 30 at 3 p.m. in Alliance Hall’s kitchen. You can contact the club at

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