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Clinton outshines Trump in debate

By Alanis Alvarez


The best way to begin reviewing the first presidential debate is by quoting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, when she told the audience to “listen to what you just heard.”

Just as a reminder, some of the things heard at the first debate were: Donald Trump saying “big league” as if that is impressive, bragging about evading federal taxes and claiming stop-and-frisk was not unconstitutional. Not only are these things either wrong or plainly illegal, but he also managed to interrupt her numerous times in order to really nail these solid points across.

While Clinton stood on stage as a proudly prepared candidate, Trump spouted lies even about his own actions. His temperament that is “so much better than hers” is a persona built on racist, sexist and disgusting lies. Climate change is real and Hispanic women are not housekeepers, Donald.

Clinton should not be ashamed of being prepared to lead a country, and the fact that a government official is debating a reality TV star for the highest political office of the United States is sexism at its core.

While Trump attacks Clinton’s husband as though he were the person running for president, she spoke about criminal justice reform in order to bring communities across America together. Clinton is not the same as her husband, and treating his choices as hers discounts her actions and, once again, shows that Trump doesn’t see Clinton as his equal in any way.

The Secretary of State also correctly stated that Trump began his political career with the racist lie that our first African-American president was not a citizen of the United States.

If Trump claims to be the most patriotic and greatest representative of our country, why does he compare us to a third world country? Does Trump even know what a real third world country looks like?

Clinton does. Her experience in the field is not a joke – it is a requirement to be president and has inspired policies that work to equalize all minorities, which is far different than Trump’s hateful and painfully uninformed rhetoric.

Alanis Alvarez is the Vice President of the Democrats of Hofstra University

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