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A Day in the Life: Hofstra women's basketball

Coach Krista Kilburn-Steveskey returns for her 11th season at Hofstra Sept. 8 was the first day of preseason for the Hofstra women’s basketball team. After having an astounding 25-9 record and an appearance in the Women’s National Invitational Tournament (WNIT) last season, it was time to get back to work. As a first year graduate student at Hofstra, I did not know what to expect. When I hear the term “preseason,” I think of pure sadness. I think of early mornings, lots of running drills, yelling, crying and no smiling; there’s just pure, unfiltered misery.

Before the actual workouts, I had the opportunity to meet with the coaching staff. To be honest, I was more nervous meeting the coaching staff than watching the actual workouts. I did not know if they were going to be in a serious mode and have me think that I was wasting their time. Keep in mind, it was the first day of preseason. As a former student-athlete, I have had my fair share of preseason, so I can only imagine what is going on in the coaches’ head.

Once I stepped foot in their office, they all seemed excited that I was there. From the assistant coaches to the head coach, Krista Kilburn-Steveskey, they welcomed me with open arms. Coach Kilburn-Steveskey actually hugged me, which was shocking because I always thought head coaches do not do such things.

After talking with the staff for about 20 minutes, it was time to head to the Fitness Center to meet the players. Associate head coach, Faisal Khan, introduced me to the girls one by one, and shockingly, they all were welcoming too. The players smiled and they asked me questions. It appeared as if they were all excited I was there with them and it felt like I was part of the team.

While they were warming up to begin their shooting drills, I could tell they were all excited for the approaching new season, as they should be, since it is something they have worked towards for weeks. Of course some of the drills were tough, but they all seemed as if they wanted to be there. They were working on their game, listening to their coaches and helping each other to get better. All of these aspects are what make a great team. Even though their first game is not until Nov. 11 vs. Marist College, this team has a strong chance of going all the way.


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