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Wrestling Sportnotes: Hit the mats with Pride


By Regina Volpe and Abby Strusowski - STAFF WRITERS

Before we start, no, not all wrestlers look like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Hulk Hogan. When you think of wrestling, you probably think of John Cena from the WWE. However, that is performance wrestling.

The actual sport does not involve nearly as many dramatic flips or odd costumes. Before watching a wrestling match, you will need to know a few things about why two people are rolling around on the floor.


      Base: Not to be confused with a baseball base, this is the starting position. The wrestler has to have a strong and stable position.

      Blank: A forfeited match. Think of that episode of Zoey 101 when she was on the wrestling team and all the other teams draw a blank because she was a girl and they did not want to fight her.

     Cradle: Much more violent than a baby’s bed – at least one leg is on the opponent’s head in an attempt to gain full control.

     Funk: No, not the music genre – an unorthodox move or hold. These moves are not necessarily illegal, but can be.

     Stalling: Being inactive or not attempting to score; can result in a penalty (see below.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a weight class?

A weight class is how much a wrestler weighs. For example, a wrestler weighing 200 lbs. would only wrestle others who weigh 200 lbs. It would not be fair if a 200 lb. person wrestled someone weighing only 150 lbs.

How long does a wrestling match last?

There are three periods, totaling about seven minutes altogether. However, if the score is tied at the end of the seven minutes, the match goes into overtime.

How do you score?

There are five different ways to score points in wrestling:

     Takedown (2 points): taking the opponent down to the mat while being in control

     Escape (1 point): when the wrestler gets out or “escapes” from being held down on the mat

     Reversal (2 points): taking control after being held down on the mat; essentially turning the tables

     Near Fall (2-3 points): almost pinning the opponent down to the mat; if held down for two seconds, two points are awarded; if held down for five seconds, three points are awarded

     Penalty Point (1-2 points): given if the opponent commits any of the following illegal moves: 

          Illegal hold

          Technical violations (for example: grabbing clothing)

          Unnecessary roughness

          Unsportsmanlike conduct

          Flagrant misconduct (immediate ejection and the match is over)

          Stalling (each wrestler only gets one warning, then subsequent offenses result in the opponent being awarded points)

          Incorrect starting position/False start

With your new knowledge of the sport, go forth and, as Hulk Hogan would say, catch a match, brother.


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