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Student entrepreneurs start on-campus business


Real-world business experience is exactly what entrepreneur majors are looking for and three Hofstra students have been given that opportunity. Entrepreneur majors, junior Ariel Dure, and seniors Sean McNelley and David Stein have been given the chance to gain experience by starting up their own business on campus. Their company, “Dr. Multitech”, will debut in this upcoming spring semester. Funded by Capital One Bank, “Dr. Multitech” is a smartphone protection and repair service that fixes cracked screens, replaces batteries and offers unique customizations called “housing,” a process where the back of the iPhone is replaced with a different color. “I really liked Ariel’s idea. I thought that I could help with sales and he brought me in for the marketing side of the business. I want to see this do really well. I can definitely see myself pushing this business with Ariel,” McNelley said. “Dr. Multitech” will also be selling accessories such as phone cases, tempered glass and chargers. “We’re providing a service that’s a lower cost than what you would have on your phone carrier’s insurance. Unlike these carriers, we have just a one-time fee with no monthly payments for our protection plan,” Dure, a certified technician, said. Since the startup, students have taken notice of the cheaper prices. “As students, many of us look to save a dollar or two when we can,” senior accounting major Mike Neglia said. “This business is beating the competition’s price.” Another perk this program offers is a mobile drop-off and pick-up service anywhere within a five-mile radius, which includes students who live off campus as well. “We’ll drop your phone off in class or your dorm if you want us to,” Dure said. The trio does not expect their business to remain stagnant. Outside of Hofstra, they are looking to expand to suburban college campuses all across the United States. “The idea is to have “Dr. Multitech” be operated by business majors in the management and marketing departments at their schools, including Hofstra,” Dure said. “Once I graduate, I would like to have this idea still on campus operated by other students here so they can also get real experience.” “Dr. Multitech” will continue until at least May 2017, when Dure graduates from Hofstra. “If this becomes profitable, I believe there will be plenty of open doors for this concept after I leave Hofstra,” Dure said.


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