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Where can I find internships in the non-profit sector?

By Priyanka Jaisinghani Staff Writer

Sometimes it feels as if buying sold-out tickets to a concert is easier than finding an internship in the nonprofit sector. You’re scrambling to look for an internship, but only come across internships in the corporate world or something that’s not up your alley. There are always the Hofstra career center internship fairs, but there you can only find a couple of places that are willing to take your resume in the direction you want. Breathe! It’s not that bad. There are many resources available to you, but all you have to do is start looking in the right places. – This is always a great place to start. There are hundreds of internships, jobs and volunteer positions! The best part is, you are not limited by your location — you can search for internships anywhere within the United States and there are even some abroad. I personally use this website often and have received many responses and interviews. There will be some nonprofits you have heard of and some that you haven’t heard of. They are constantly adding positions every couple of hours. You could always sign up with them to receive daily email listings of jobs and internships that interest you.

LinkedIn – Recently LinkedIn has added a ‘volunteer marketplace’ to make it easier to connect with nonprofits and volunteer for them. You may be thinking right now, wait, I’m looking for an internship, not a volunteer opportunity. At the end of the day, you are looking to get experience, and volunteering is another great way to add to your skill set and resume. Many of these volunteer positions are looking for ‘volunteer interns’ (yes you can combine both of them). For example, some of those currently posted are looking for a volunteer PR coordinator, graphic designer, patient volunteer coordinator and more! Spend some time perusing through this and you may end up finding something. The best part is, you are not limited by location either — you can even find more international volunteer or internships positions (all you have to do is modify your search)

Company website – If you are looking for a specific nonprofit that you can’t find on any job board, head over to their company’s website. Sometimes they may have a ‘careers’ tab where you can find an internship, or there is someone you can contact. When you cold call (through email) you want to remember to add your name, where you go to college, why you’re sending your resume (“I want to send my resume to start my career in a new field...,” etc.) and what type of organizations or issues you have worked in the past, along with details on where they can contact you. Some organizations will contact you back, some won’t — but what matters is that you gave it a shot!

Use your Professors – Our Hofstra Professors have an abundant amount of resources and network connections. You can always go to them for help and ask them if they know anyone in the nonprofit sector (and do specify what type of issues you want to be working with). Set up an appointment with them and ask them either for advice, connections or ways to help you get to where you want. They are here to see you prosper and grow and I am sure many of them would be willing to guide you in the right direction.

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