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Update your wardrobe with fun fall flannels

By Janet Lee Assistant Features Editor

Ladies, do you ever get up in the morning and not know what to wear? Do you catch yourself just standing in front of your closet, not knowing where to start? Well here is the answer to your problem: oversized flannels! For this year’s fall/winter trend, take advantage of plaid and stock up on flannels and even plaid dresses. Once you give it a shot, flannels will never leave your closet. Maybe, it will even become your go-to outfit.

The first basic way you wear a flannel is simply by wearing it buttoned up. This is a classic way to wear it. However, this look can be a little boring. In order to spice it up a bit, try adding a statement necklace or even layering more simple necklaces by unbuttoning a few buttons and rolling up the sleeves. This will turn your “boxy” flannel look into a more feminine look.

If you are someone who loves leggings, this outfit is for you. Another way you can wear your generic oversize flannel is by layering it with a winter vest. This is a classic fall look. Simply put on a pair of leggings, an oversize flannel and a winter vest. Then, top it off with cute boots and you are ready! You can even wear a shirt and tie your flannel around your waist. This is a trendy look anyone can pull off. You can also wear a flannel by layering it on top of a shirt just like a chambray. However, since chambrays are “so last year,” change it up by replacing it with a flannel! The colors from the flannel will instantly change and brighten your look.

If you are more of a dress-up kind of gal, pair a plaid dress with tights and flats, or even boots! This is a great feminine look that you can wear to dress up or even dress down. You can even pair it with knee high socks if you are in the mood to look preppy.

Wearing an oversized flannel might seem masculine and not attractive, but this is a look where you can appear cute, effortlessly. You do not have to try so hard. So the next time you are at the mall shopping, keep your eye peeled for the perfect oversized flannel, you will not regret it!

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