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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries


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The painful anticipation of season six of “The Vampire Diaries” was finally satisfied with its season debut on Oct. 2. Many TVD fans, including myself, were too excited for the season until it unfolded.

The first five minutes gave me a deja vu view of season one. I thought the re-introductions of everyone’s life after the loss of Damon and Bonnie seemed like a teen sitcom.

The whole episode felt flat. I guess I am so used to some crazy conflict happening like some powerful vampire reappearing, or one of the main cast dying and reappearing to the living world. But after last season, all the climaxes, plot twists and surprises were all used up.

Julia Pec is usually the writer – along with James Larose (“Hit The Floor”) and Jeff Davis (“Teen Wolf”) – who likes to throw painful curveballs at the fans and then kill a character after the fans have recovered from that curveball. But Pec didn’t live up to her writing genius, and instead she calmed down the whole mood for this season. This may be a saving grace, so we TVD fans can revive our hearts and have time to process the fact Damon and Bonnie could be gone forever.

I need five things to be at least touched upon next week. Where is it the guy who passed through Bonnie that the travelers ran from? Where is Stefan hiding and will he finally answer his now-shattered phone? Is the hallucination of Damon Elena is seeing actually the real Damon? What will happen to the runaway victim that Elena almost killed?

Hopefully next week “Vampire Diaries” can get its mojo back, because this week’s season premiere wasn’t worth it.

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