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Tips and tricks: Make it through finals week.... alive

By Jenna GrassoStaff Writer

As the semester finishes, the build up of work is extreme and the amount of time to study for tests is growing thin. But there are easy ways to budget your time in order to study for finals and get the last of those projects in before the end of the semester.

Managing your time is the number one priority. Write out a schedule of how much time you are going to devote to each class or study for each class helps immensely. A written out schedule is the easiest thing to follow and is also a concrete thing to follow. It is different then having ideas in your head about the amount of time to study. This will be a set piece of paper that gives you the exact amount of time and tells you how much you need to do for each class.

Another trick to studying for finals is to give all classes an equal amount of time. Although your grades might be down in one class and higher in another, the worst thing that you want to do is bomb the class that you are doing well in on the final. The easiest way to avoid this is to give each class the same amount of preparation time.

Making flash cards or rewriting the notes for a class multiple times is also a great way to memorize information for your classes. When a person rewrites information multiple times, the brain processes the information much easier and a lot of the time you will end up remembering more than you thought you did. For in-depth studying for difficult classes this is an extremely efficient way to handle getting the job done.

Another thing that you want to put into effect during finals week and the weeks before that is exercising or using different ways to release stress. The amount of stress that you will feel during finals week is unreal at points. Exercise, yoga or any physical activity will help to relieve stress and keep you in a sane state of mind to continue studying for finals. The main thing that you want to make sure of is that you maintain a healthy state of mind in order to do well on your finals. The worse your state of mind is, the worse you will do on the final tests and projects.

Another good tip to keep in mind is to take your time on tests and projects. The faster you try to rush to finish things the less effective it will be, and the grade you are going to get will reflect that. Taking your time and reading the directions correctly will help boost your grade and give you the piece of mind that you did things they way they needed to be done. The better you believe you did on a project or test, the better grade and more satisfaction you will feel when you get that grade back.

The final tip is just relax. Relaxing and believing that you can pass your tests and projects is the main and most important aspect of finals week, and life in general. If you constantly doubt yourself and feel as if you are unable to pass your test or final, you will not perform well. Relaxing and believing in yourself will help you do the best you possibly can during finals week.

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