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Steps to boost your resume

 By Priyanka Jaisinghani

Special to The Chronicle

We put our heart and soul into creating the perfect resume and cover letter for many different organizations in the hopes of getting an internship. Sometimes our efforts are fruitful, and other times it doesn't end up happening. Now you’re stuck — What can you add to your resume when you don’t have an internship? Should you let the semester slide by and just try again next semester or in the summer?

The answer is NO! You don't let the semester go to waste. You take advantage of what you have and take some initiative. As a senior at Hofstra, I’ve been in the same boat. There are many things you can do besides an internship to market yourself. You have four years of college — take advantage of them and expose yourself to new ways to make them count.

1) Start your own blog:

For all of you who don’t have a blog yet — go create one! Whether it’s on WordPress or Tumblr or Blogger — just do it! More and more organizations are asking for your writing samples to see your voice and style. Assignments and personal works are great to hand in, but a personal blog shows your knowledge in either one specific field or a variety of topics you choose to write about. Market yourself and show them what you are made of. Create a dynamic online presence.

2) Volunteer:

Volunteering is such a great way to both give back to the community and add experience to your resume (if you want to). Although companies are looking at your internship experience, they also want to know you’re a well-rounded person who cares about the world. You can practice new skills through volunteering and enhance the ones you already have. When you have your dream internship in mind, there will be many skills that go along with the job. Build up those skills by volunteering in those specific areas.

3) Get involved on campus:

Build your leadership and teamwork skills by getting involved on campus. Hofstra has so many clubs you can get involved with. Hofstra has political clubs, adventurous clubs, sports clubs, health-related clubs, pre-professional clubs and more. These clubs are a great way to expose yourself to new perspectives while also meeting new people. You will hear throughout your college career that networking is the key to everything. Someone you could be in a club with might have a similar interest with you or may end up somewhere you want to work. Network and have fun. We have so many resources at our disposal at Hofstra — take advantage of them and use them.

4) Start your own project:

You don’t always have to follow the path taken. Take an initiative to do more and start your own project. Go write that proposal you've always wanted to write, take up that extra Photoshop class and go make that mural. Go forward with something you want to learn or have always wanted to do.

These are only a couple of ways in which you can add to your resume. Take advantage of your resources and make every semester count.

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