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Singer-songwriter Joe Taylor, on music, inspiration and doing what you love

By Petra Halbur Photo Credit: Angela Grella

Positivity in music is a tad rare nowadays. For every “Happy” that’s released there’s a “Blurred Lines” and a “Pompeii” it seems. Fortunately, for us all, Joe Taylor exists. Though his songs cover a range of topics and emotions, they all possess a warmth and infectious optimism that is impossible not to love. He’s currently touring the country with the simple, straightforward hope that fans “take whatever they need from my music to get them through their lives.”

For those unfamiliar with Taylor, he’s a retro-acoustic rock musician whose most recent album, “Anything’s Possible,” features an electric variety of songs with memorable titles such as “Better With Our Clothes Left On.” When asked the impossible question of which song is his favorite, Taylor insists that he has too many favorites.

“They are all like my children. I love them equally for different reasons at different times,” said Taylor. He derives inspiration for his lyrics from everyday life.

“I write about everything around me from day to day experiences to people-watching in various places,” said Taylor. The song “All Around the World,” which was released as a single in 2009 and later included on “Anything’s Possible,” was inspired by “a beautiful day in Los Angeles” and came to him in a peculiar place.

“I was in the shower in LA at my producer’s place and I started humming the melody for the chorus. I later headed over to [fellow musician, Hillary Bernstein]’s and we banged it out in about two hours,” said Taylor. The musician has loved music all his life and realized he wanted to be a musician when he was 3-years-old.

“I was sitting in the car driving to Toronto, Canada with my family up from Halifax, Nova Scotia,” said Taylor, “and when we saw the skyline I just knew that I was going to play music in big cities and then all around the world.” Following one’s dream is never easy but it’s worth it to Taylor, who firmly believes that if you do what you love things will fall into place, naturally.

“So if music is your passion practice to master your trade, meet lots of people, have an open mind and never give up no matter how hard things may get.”  He has advice not just for musicians, but everyone figuring out their career.

“Follow your passion no matter what anyone says,” said Taylor, “If you don't know your passion then ask yourself what you wanted to do with your life when you were 4-years-old. No matter how silly that might be you will get to the truth of what makes you tick as a person.”

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