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School closing called an overreaction by students, staff

By Ehlayna NapolitanoNEWS EDITOR

Hofstra’s decision to close the University on Wednesday because of the hazardous weather was met with skepticism among students and employees.

Class was called off for a second time this week after Winter Storm Nika brought a bout of snow and ice to campus. The first snow day was on Monday.

However, in spite of the “worsening conditions,” cited in the Campus Alert Notification Network message sent out on Wednesday morning, students felt that the cancellation of classes was an overreaction. Due to the closing of the University, Public Safety and Grounds department officials were unavailable for comment.

The decision did not seem to garner support among the employees clearing campus. One Grounds employee, who declined to give his name, stated that his department was “absolutely” prepared for the storm, and as a result did not agree with the University’s decision.

“Should we have had school today?” the Grounds employee said. “Absolutely. We were ready.”

Parts of North Campus remained covered on Wednesday after snow and ice came through on Tuesday night. Photo by Che Sullivan.

Students also expressed support for the efforts of the Hofstra Grounds employees, saying that they felt that the cleanup of the campus was going well.

“[They] did a good job with the streets,” said Jason Park, freshman finance major.

Alex LoPinto, a senior psychology major, felt similarly, stating that Grounds staff often had to work around cars that weren’t previously moved during plowing — something that wasn’t their fault, and something she was guilty of herself, she said as she shoveled around her own car.

LoPinto expressed support for their efforts, which she said typically begin early in the day, and said that the department’s salting of the sidewalks and plowing are generally done to the best of their ability.

“They do a really great job,” LoPinto said. “[They] already [have] people out by 7 a.m.”

Both LoPinto and Park agreed that canceling classes was an unnecessary move on the part of the university.

“[We] could’ve had school today, honestly,” said Park.

By early Wednesday afternoon, the cleanup for the storm was nearly completed, according to the employee. He stated that the cleanup process had gone relatively smoothly.

In spite of the skepticism regarding the decision for a snow day, students did not feel negatively toward the call.

“Why wouldn’t I be [happy]?” Park said. “I’m catching up on sleep and … being lazy.”

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