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Scene on campus: How do you express your personal style?

By Jessica Harrington Special to the Chronicle

All around campus there are students who stand out in their own way through how they dress. Hayley Blomquist, freshman fine arts major with a concentration in painting, expresses herself through thrift finds and bold statement pieces, making her style unique and completely her own.

Jessica Harrington: How would you describe your style? Hayley Blomquist: “Goodwill trying to be Bergdorf Goodman.”

JH: Do you have any fashion muses? Where do you get your inspiration from? HB: “I really like Leandra Medine, she runs the website “Man Repeller.” I love her because she doesn’t dress for men, she dresses for herself. Her style is very out there but still chic.”

JH: Are there any celebrities you look at for new fashion trends? HB: “I like Alexa Chung because she embodies all of the current trends and she’s a very current model. I feel like she’s a big trendsetter. She can pull off anything and she always looks fabulous and put together.”

JH: Where do you like to shop? HB: “Mainly Buffalo Exchange and Goodwill because you can get so many original pieces there that you can’t find at department stores, you can really find that statement piece. And I like Free People.”

JH: Do you have any favorite designers? HB: “Yeah I like Jean Paul Gaultier and Betsey Johnson. [I like] Gaultier because all his stuff is super original and his haute couture is different from others. He’s different in the way he uses materials. For Betsey Johnson I really like her color choices and patterns because she’s very girly and fun and different.”

JH: What is your favorite item in your closet? HB: “My black Dr. Martens because they go with everything and they just add a cool detail to any outfit, plus they’re super comfortable.”

Hayley wore her favorite, perfectly worn in, Dr. Martens and a black Marc Jacobs dress that she got from Goodwill for the interview. She’s a great example of how thrift store finds can add an element to your outfit that no one else will have.

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