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Review Round-up: Band of Skulls

Music is subjective. Even its very existence is tentative, since it is nothing without humans to hear it. Its quality is unknowable, and its existence depends on circumstance. That said, I would like to therefore make an awkward and empty statement: I like this music. My opinion on the quality of music is worthless, and since it is being printed, reflect on just how worthless that makes yours. We like the music that we like, and others don’t. All we have to talk about, therefore, is why we like the music that we like.

I like Band of Skulls because of their energy and drive. Every song they play sounds to me like it takes incredible effort, which I like for two reasons. 1. When a song makes me feel a certain way, I like to think that the band is consciously and arduously attempting to do so. It makes me feel pampered.

2. When the band is excited and energetic about a beat, it makes me feel excited and energetic about a beat. Energy and drive does not always mean that a band must pound the s**t out of their instruments. Something that Band of Skulls does really well is inject emotion and thought into every note they play, which is what drive is.

Another thing that I like about Band of Skulls is their makeup (as in their formation, not their cosmetics). They are a power-trio, which I like because their sound is naturally focused and clean. I also like power-trios because it leaves room for fantasies about joining them.

I am walking through New York, and through the crack of a door I hear music. I float towards the door, open it timidly, and see their bassist, Emma Richardson. We break into a spontaneous song, and the technicians scramble to record it. After it is over she takes me in her big, bass-playing arms ...

Anyways, I like Band of Skulls. When they play a song, they play their hearts out, and it always sounds original. The singer’s voice is powerful yet controlled; the drummer is aggressive yet subdued, and ... Emma

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